Women’s boot camp Philadelphia

Women’s Boot camp Philadelphia

women's boot camp Philadelphia

women's boot camp Philadelphia

There’s boot camp and there’s Adventure Boot Camp! #1 Nationwide for results! 

At your women’s boot camp Philadelphia We do things different from the moment we meet you. Anyone can scream and tell you what to do and just give you a countdown. However we like to make it more personal and give you a BETTER experience !

First of all Adventure Boot Camp looks at your human movement before anything else! If your body is not moving well, posture is off and muscles are out of balance, a traditional exercise program will yield inferior results!

We like to give you a complete body diagnostics. The vast majority of trainers simply take measurements, body fat and that’s all!  At Adventure Boot Camp we take it to a different level. We utilize the Over Head Squat Assessment tool that allows us to fine tune the workout to your ability level!

Allow us to get you the custom design you want at a fraction of the cost of a one on one session and far superior to a regular assessment.

We take a look at your entire body through our body diagnostic.

Here is what you get with your membership with your women’s bootcamp Philadelphia.

  • A custom meal plan valued at $300. Tailored to your body type and goals!
  • a regular weekly newsletter with nutrition tips for rapid weight loss.
  • 3-5 % body fat drop
  • 1-3 inches lost all around
  • 5-15 pounds of weight loss
  • An ever changing workout that challenges you but is fun
  • Games and prizes
  • Access to Dr. Phil 12×6. Text me or email me and I will get back to you asap!
  • Its like having your own personal trainer for a fraction of the cost!
  • Check out all the women who have a great time and get great results at bootcampfinder.com

Personal Training Sessions in Philadelphia , from quality trainers vary between $60-100 per hour. Your Women’s boot camp Philadelphia session is just $99 a month! 

You get the same cutting edge, PhD designed and Master Trainer designed workouts for a fraction of the cost and the ongoing support to ensure your success at at the women’s boot camp Philadelphia. 


This is most certainly NOT your average, cookie cutter boot camp class at a gym or the Y. This is your women’s boot camp in Philadelphia!


When you join in at your women’s Boot Camp in Philadelphia, you join a fun team of professional women who want to better themselves in health and wellness. Sure there are boot camps at the gym , but Adventure is the original one with other 400 locations country wide!

Designed with evidence based exercises to tone and sculpt your body in just weeks!

Who wants to join a class where no one knows your name or anything about you. You are just another member?

At Adventure Boot Camp in Philadelphia for women, we make it personal and we want you to feel at home!