What YOU Get at Adventure Boot Camp


For $10.95 a sesison you get an ever changing, challenging and fun workout led and designed by a PhD in Fitness Training. No other coach in the area can claim to have a doctoral degree, and 3 Master Trainer Certifications by NASM,ISSA,IFPA, NESTA. This means the education and quality of the program is top notch! You will NOT find a more qualified instructor anywhere in the area!  I design the programs based on past experience and what I see in the assessments! I do not use programs designed for athletes on the average person. That is dangerous and wrong! Athletes train at a much much higher intensity than an everyday person can! Basing the program design on athletes would be a critical error.

A Free custom meal plan designed to YOUR specifc body type. Not general cookie cutter nutrition information. Know how much to eat and when to eat it, to the hour! This is a $300 value free!


  • A pre and post camp assessment to assess your progress! This includes body fat analysis, girth measurements and current body weight.
  • On going support and motivation from your coach!
  • This is your workout and your fitness adventure!
  • A free t shirt with a 3 month committment. ($30 value)
  • A Free Boot Camp health recipy cook book! ($50 value) free!
  • A Free Custom Designed Meal Plan ($300 value)
  • Upon Request, a free supermarket tour!
  • Two Weekly newsletters with useful and motivational information!

Coming soon, functional movement screening , identifying muscular imbalances and correcting them allow you to get to your goals faster! Noone in the area addresses muscle imbalances and we all have them! No other boot camp does this!

And much more.. in addition to winning prizes on boot camp game day!

Do you get any of this at the Y, or another fitness program? Or do you pay a monthly fee and noone cares if you show up! 99% of fitness programs, you pay and you can never go and noone cares! That is pointless!

Come out, get results and have fun!