Why you need to be at Women’s Adventure Boot Camp in Philadelphia

Women’s Adventure Boot Camp in Philadelphia

For $8.25 a session you get an ever changing, challenging and fun workout led and designed by a PhD in Fitness Training. No other coach in the area can claim to have a doctoral degree, and 4 Master Trainer Certifications by NASM,ISSA,IFPA, NESTA, all nationally recognized, respected and accredited.In addition I hold certifications in post rehab, sports injury, nutrition, womens fitness, senior fitness, core conditioning, sports performance, weight loss, pilates and more. Over 30 to be exact.

Experience the ultimate out of gym workout at Adventure Boot Camp for Women in Philadelphia!


This means the education and quality of the program is top notch! You will NOT find a more qualified instructor anywhere in the area!  I design the programs based on past experience and what I see in the assessments! I do not use programs designed for athletes on the average person. That is dangerous and wrong! Athletes train at a much much higher intensity than an everyday person can! Basing the program design on athletes would be a critical error.

In addition, Adventure Boot Camp is the #1 boot camp in the world with over 400 locations, proven exercises to help burn max calories, tone and transform your body in just weeks!


  • A pre and post camp assessment to assess your progress! This includes body fat analysis, girth measurements ,current body weight and movement assessment test. 
  • Comprehensive posture analysis to alleviate muscle imbalances which ultimately helps you get to your goals much faster! NOT a generic boot camp!
  • On going support and motivation from your coach!
  • This is your workout and your fitness adventure!
  • A free custom designed meal plan ($300 value). This is also upon request.
  • A Free Boot Camp health recipe cook book! ($50 value) free!
  • Regular newsletters with motivational and informative nutrition and exercise facts and fitbits.
  • Upon request, free supermarket tour (by appointment)
  • Ever changing fun, and challenging workouts!
  • Your own music selection for each workout!
  • Boot Camp game day. Winning teams win a prize!
  • All this and a workout that you will have a blast doing!

Does your average gym offer ANY of this? Do they do a posture test or do they just put you through a traditional weight lifting and cardio workout?

Not many check posture and it can be the missing link between injury and success! In fact, studies have shown that with a posture deficiency and or muscle imbalances, developing muscles and burning fat can be an extremely difficult process. Muscle need to aligned properly for them to work correctly and achieve optimal results!


Come out, get results and have fun!