I enjoy the program

“I enjoy the program…I’ve been doing it a little over a year now. I like getting my workout in early to get me ready for my day. It gives me motivation to perform other tasks throughout the day. My favorite classes are the strength training and the tabata style classes.

I love feeling the burn in my legs and arms! I love when we do the crab walks, wall sits, lunge…kicks, and the ankle bands! I feel like I can really target those muscle groups during those exercises, among others that we do. I get that we need to partner up at times, but I do prefer the individual exercises.

I feel I can work at my own pace instead of someone else’s. It just allows me to focus on the quality rather than the quantity. That being said, there has always been a great group of women in camp to make working out more fun .”

“I like the idea of working out but lose motivation very easily. When I go to the gym I go through the same routine of walking on the treadmill and using the machines but have no idea what I should be doing to get the most out of my workout. Coming to bootcamp I know I will get a great workout every time with a great group of women who are seeking the same thing. I know that if I struggle with a skill it can be modified for my fitness level as well as skills that I excel at can be made more difficult to get the most out of my workout. Everyone is very supportive of each other and Phil is motivating but you never feel that you are being pushed to go beyond your limits or be perfect. Bootcamp is a great experience and I am actually motivated and excited to get a great workout every time I go! 5 months later I am still going strong!”

Look at Dar! Above, Dar at the start of boot camp and below, around 2 months in!