Are you bored of the gym?

Are you bored of the gym? same old routine? Feel intimidated? Not motivated to go, yet you pay monthly?

Just finished my 4th week of boot camp.
I can’t thank the trainers enough for pushing me. I am continuing on to the summer sessions and soo looking forward to it.
When you think boot camp don’t let it scare you off. You do your limits, yes they coach you to push when they know we needed it and when your done it’s so rewarding.
Still have time to join .. check out their website. Two or three days a week.
Just met the Downingtown girls tonight at our BBQ.. great group of ladies, hope we can do a session together. .and there will be some running. Thanks Phil Nicolaou , Joe Pops and Christina… Sandy, Limerick.


Join a group of friendly and motivated women just like you ,who are all looking to get healthy! A group that has relentless positivity and support!

What you will experience is flipping tractor tires, pushing and pulling weighted sleds, battle ropes,  core training, pilates, obstacle courses, pushing a car, body weight exercises, kettle bells, interval training and much more!